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Club Rules

1. Name
This club shall be called FC SAMBA FOOTBALL CLUB (the “Club”).

2. Objects
The object of the Club shall be to arrange Association Football matches and social activities for its members.

3. Definitions
In these rules…

  • A.G.M.” shall mean the Annual General Meeting of the Club Members
  • Club Premises” shall mean the grounds and facilities used by the Club currently situated in Burton Road, Gedling.
  • Club Rules” shall mean these rules.
  • General Meeting” shall mean an A.G.M. or an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • Licence” shall mean that licence defined in clause 10(l).
  • Member” shall mean a duly qualified member of this Club as set out in clause 7 of these Rules, who has not resigned or been expelled.

4. Status of Rules
These Rules form a binding agreement between each Member of the Club.

5. Rules and Regulations

  1. The Club shall have the status of an Affiliated Member Club of the Notts Amateur Alliance by virtue of its affiliation to the Football Association. The Rules and Regulations of the Notts Amateur Alliance and any league or competition to which the Club is entered for the time being shall be deemed to be incorporated into the Club Rules.
  2. The Club shall abide by the Football Association’s Child Protection Policies and Procedures, Codes of Conduct and Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Policy.
  3. No alteration in or addition to the Club Rules may be made except at a General Meeting. The Management Committee shall have the power to make bye-laws as required for the proper working of the Club. Notice of a proposed change of rule must be made in writing at least twenty one days before the date of the General Meeting in writing to the General Secretary and proposed and seconded by four current Members.

6. Colours
The Club colours are Yellow shirts, Royal Blue shorts and Royal Blue socks. Team Away kit colours, when required will be decided by the committee at the AGM.

7. Club Membership

  • The Members of the Club shall be those persons listed in the register of Members (the “Membership Register”), which shall be maintained by a Membership Secretary.
  • Any person desirous of joining the Club shall be nominated by two Members and elected by the Management Committee.
  • All Members are required to uphold the Football Association’s Code of Conduct and act in a manor that will uphold the club’s excellent reputation and integrity.
  • In the event of a Member’s resignation or expulsion, their name shall be removed from the Membership Register.
  • Representatives of visiting clubs are considered Honorary Members on the day of their visit.

8. Annual Membership Fee

  • Annual Membership Fee shall become due and payable by the end of September each year, subject to change at a General Meeting. After that date a surcharge may be levied at the Management Committee’s discretion for late payment. The term of membership shall expire on the date of the next occurring A.G.M. The membership categories are:
    • Full Playing Member
    • Honorary Member, which includes partners and children under 16
  • The Management Committee shall have the power to vary the level of the Annual Membership Fee for Members joining on or after the First of November and have the power to deal with non payment as they see fit. Annual Membership Fees shall not be repayable.
  • All playing Members shall pay a Match Fee for each game in which they play, at a level subject to change at a General Meeting. All playing members shall also pay a training fee for each training session in which they play or pay 50% of the training fee for non-attendance as a contribution towards the hiring of any training facilities.

9. Resignation and Expulsion

  • If, in the opinion of two thirds of those present at a Management Committee meeting, any Member is considered unsuitable for membership then such a Member may be expelled from the Club and barred from the Club Premises.
  • A Member shall cease to be a Member of the Club from the date on which he/she gives notice to the Management Committee of their resignation.
  • A Member who resigns or is expelled shall not be entitled to claim any, or a share of any, of the Club property.

10. Management Committee

  • The administration of the Club shall be vested in a Management Committee, to consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Club Captain, Club Secretary, Treasurer, Web Site Manager, Player’s Representative and up to 2 other Members, elected at the A.G.M. Should a vacancy occur, the Management Committee has the power to co-opt Members to the vacant position. Five members of the Management Committee shall form a quorum thereof.
  • Each member of the Management Committee, either elected or co-opted, shall hold office from the date of appointment until the next A.G.M. unless otherwise resolved at an Extraordinary General Meeting. One person may hold no more than two positions of Club Officer at any time. The Management Committee shall be responsible for the management of all the affairs of the Club, but subject to decisions made at a General Meeting. Unless otherwise stated in these Rules, decisions of the Management Committee shall be made by a simple majority of those attending the Management Committee meeting.
  • Decisions of the Management Committee at meetings shall be recorded in the minutes. These minutes will be maintained by the Club Secretary.
  • The Chairman shall have the casting vote on all Committees.
  • Any member of the Management Committee may call a meeting of the Management Committee by giving no less than seven days’ notice to all members of the Management Committee. The Management Committee should meet every month during the playing season, and not less than four times in a playing season.
  • Subject to Clause 9 c) an outgoing member of the Management Committee may be re-elected. Any vacancy on the Management Committee which arises between one A.G.M. and the next shall be filled by co-option of a Member proposed by one member of the remaining Management Committee and seconded by another and approved by a simple majority of the remaining Management Committee members.
  • The selection of teams is entrusted to the Manager and Assistant Manager.
  • The promotion of social events is entrusted to a the Management Committee,
  • The Management Committee shall have the power to elect honorary and non playing Members and to add to or subtract from the list of Life Members.
  • Save as provided for in the Rules and Regulations of the Notts Amateur Alliance League, the Management Committee shall have the power to decide all questions and disputes arising in respect of any issue concerning the Club Rules.

11. Annual and Special General Meetings

  • An A.G.M. shall be held in each year to
    • Receive a report from the Chairman of the activities of the Club over the past year
    • Receive a report from the Treasurer of the Club’s finances over the past year
    • Elect members of the Management Committee
    • Elect captains for the forthcoming season (providing there are nominations)
    • Consider any other business.
  • At least fourteen clear days notice shall be given in writing to the membership of any General Meeting together with an agenda showing the business to be discussed.
  • The AGM is to be held no later than the fourteenth of July
  • The Treasurer will submit monthly statements to the Management Committee and a yearly report at the AGM.
  • An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called at any time by the Management Committee and shall be called within 28 days of the receipt by the General Secretary of a request in writing signed by not less than five Members stating the purposes for which the meeting is required and the resolutions proposed. Business at an EGM may be any business that may be transacted at an AGM.
  • The Chairman, or in his / her absence a Member selected by the Management Committee (normally the Vice Chairman), shall take the chair at a General Meeting. Each Member present shall have one vote and resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

12. Club Finances

  • One or more bank accounts shall be opened with a bank approved by the Management Committee and maintained in the name of the Club (the “Club Account(s)”). Designated account signatories shall be the Treasurer and the Club Secretary. All monies payable to the Club shall be received by the Treasurer or a Member nominated by the Treasurer and deposited in a Club Account.
  • The assets of the Club (the “Club Property”) shall be applied only in furtherance of the Objects of the Club.
  • Subject to Clause 12 d), all expenditure must be referred to the Management Committee for approval.
  • The limit of expenditure of Club funds without Management Committee approval shall not be more than One Hundred Pounds (£ 100.00)

13. Ground and Facilities
The Club shall respect and abide by any rules that the proprietors of any hired training or match facilities require.

14. Dissolution

  • A resolution to dissolve the Club shall only be proposed at a General Meeting and shall be carried by a majority of at least three quarters of the Members present.
  • The dissolution shall take effect from the date laid down in the resolution or immediately if no date is specified and the then current members of the Management Committee shall be responsible for the winding up of the assets and liabilities of the Club.